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Six Lectures on The Nature of The Hydrogen Bond
Edited by: Gastone Gilli in collaboration with Paola Gilli, researcher of Physical Chemistry at the University of Ferrara, Italy  © Paola Gilli and Gastone Gilli 2012


As told in the Introduction, in the last 25 years I had the fortune to become involved, together with my coworkers at the University of Ferrara, in a considerably progressive research programme intended to clarify the very nature of the hydrogen bond and to find out the empirical laws this intriguing bond is conforming to. The results of this research have been illustrated in many lectures at important meetings and schools and published in a number of scientific papers and chapters of books. Quite recently (2009), our work has been reconsidered, reorganized, and published in the book The Nature of the Hydrogen Bond: Outline of a Comprehensive Hydrogen Bond Theory which I coauthored with my daughter Paola and is illustrated in this very page.
  At the end of October 2010, something new happened to me. I retired as a professor of the University of Ferrara, the institution I entered 54 years ago as a Chemistry student. While this event has not seriously affected my normal scientific activity, it has greatly contributed to free myself from many administrative commitments, making me possible to use ce temps retrouvé for doing something I have always dreamt of, an open forum on the hydrogen bond or, more precisely, on the dual hydrogen bond, the basic model which we believe all possible hydrogen bond theories can take origin from, as summarized in the 2010 mini-review Hydrogen bond models and theories: The dual hydrogen bond model and its consequences shown on the right of this opening page.
  The structure of the present website is purely tentative. For the moment, it is just conceived as a collection of aids for hydrogen-bond teaching, such as our own references, some important general references, and a number of full lectures having a particularly distinct didactic flavor. In the first edition of this website (April 2011) three lectures were simply borrowed from those delivered at various meetings and schools from 2006 to 2012 without making any attempt to unifying their contents within an internally coherent structure. This indispensable action has now been accomplished, or at least attempted, in this second website edition (December 2012) giving so origin to the Six lectures on the nature of the hydrogen bond which are reported in the following.

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